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Curriculum vitae of ABTAL ALIRAQ (AIS) company


1-    AIS has been established in 14 Sept.2006 in Baghdad and registered in MOT (companies departments) as you can see

        below the papers of establishment and minute meeting.

2-    We got the first License from MOI – PSCD in 12 June 2007.

3-    We singed a business contract with the Iraqi hunting club (2008 to 2011) to secure them by provided static guards and

        PSD to protect some of the hunting club VIP members.

4-    In 1 Jan.2016 the AIS owner, Admin and Ops Managers has been completely changed.

5-    In 13 April 2016 the License has been issued by MOI – PSCD.

6-    We signed a contract in 1 May 2016 with Rawabi Al-Diwaniya Co. to secure them base.

7-    New contract has been signed in 01 July 2016 with Al-Rafdeen College to protect their three positions with Rafdeen dean

        house in Baghdad by provide static guards and  PSD.

8-    Our currently base in Baghdad – AlArasat (Babel neighbourhood) 

9-    The AIS had Armour and soft skin vehicles with all type of weapons for  secure the VIP and building belong for    

         government, private companies, banks, embassies and etc.

10-   We had administrative staff had experience before to worked with British security companies.

11-   We have operation staff had experience before to worked with USA  security companies.

12-   All our staff had training by our ops Manager and all of them already had experience to work with USA and British

         security companies and they know how to use weapons, searching visitors, vehicles and how to protect the VIP, building

         and etc. 


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