Chief Letter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Letter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Letter

Dear Sir/ Madam

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce respectfully our company specifically, we have identified a possible security requirement for Oil and gas services.
We are Abtal Al Iraq for Security Services (AIS) Company, a private security company registered in the ministry of interior – PSC department under number (54), and rise in accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi Companies Law number (21), in the year 1997, and according to the certificate of incorporation of the company numbered (M.Sh.A.-02-000002100) date in 29-08-2006, address in: Baghdad – Karrada – Al-Arasat – Babel District.

  • The Purpose & Nature of Company’s Works
  1. General security services: provide all security activities related to accommodation, rigs, camps, and projects.
  2. General security Transport: provide security convoys for transport of goods inside Iraq wide, and all related to transport requirements that meet the customer’s standard objectives.
  3. General security personnel: supply various security personnel from different international and local sources for the government departments, private sector, local and foreign companies, civil society organizations, and official departments and with deferent quantities.
  • Company’s Capabilities
  1. Signing of contracts and special agreements of supplying security tenders.
  2. Integrated and specialized security staff for transport, guarding, and protection.
  3. Complete security equipment and vehicles for the completion of contracted works.
    Having reviewed the details of this letter, kindly Abtal Al Iraq for Security Services (AIS) Company would also respectfully request to be considered for any tender of any subsequent project.

With appreciation… CEO

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